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Thirty-Two D

With Great Boobs Comes Great Responsibility

With Great Boobs Comes Great Responsibility
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Bras, clothing, breasts, self-esteem
Thirty Two D is a community for people who find themselves outside of what the department stores call "normal" in the clothing and bra departments. This is the place to get help looking for clothes and bras or just to vent

We understand that being a busty gal doesn't mean you have the world at your feet and that more often than not you end up the butt of jokes or object of negative attention. We also understand that this unwanted attention can be more complicated for those with non-mainstream gender presentations. Some members may want to emphasize curves in clothes that fit well, while others may be more interested in minimizing obvious breast tissue. Some may want both of these things at different times.

We initially began as a support group for small women with big boobs who struggled to find good bras. We've since evolved: our members range in body type, gender identity, age, and bra concerns. Thirty_twod is a safe space to talk about the MANY issues there are with finding a good fitting bra, whether you are a hard-to-fit size, post-surgery (mastectomy survivors are welcome here!), or genderqueer. Please be cautious of body-shaming and slut-shaming. Neither is appropriate to this community.

This is NOT a picture/voyeur comm -- you can post pics if you want help on sizing or help making an outfit work, but please don't come looking for teh toplezz p0rn, and please don't fetishize the bodies of our members. Also, please respect others' screens, and mark images/links as NSFW as appropriate. :)

Thirty Two D is also a safe space for LGBTQQ people. Questions about how to acheieve the appropriate bra/pec/breast shape for your particular gender presentation are not only welcomed, but encouraged.

Finally, please don't dismiss the experiences of others. Helping others /= dismissing their experiences.

This is now a moderated membership community.
Unless you are a member you will not be able to post here, and will also not be able to see community posts.

To gain membership, please send Polymexina a message or email, letting her know how you found the community and telling her a little bit about yourself.

If your LJ is blank or "Friends Only" and she doesn't get a message from you, she will delete your membership request.
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